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Meet Misia (mee-sha) Albert

Misia's Pilates practice began almost 20 years ago, it was her first "aha" moment in fitness where she felt connected to her body and the movement. 

In those almost 20 years she's tried just about every type and style of exercise and sport but nothing gave her the same mind/body connection, strength and tone as Pilates. 

Teaching since 2019 Misia holds certificates in mat, reformer and apparatus from Balanced Body, the leader in Pilates education and equipment. 

Misia invites you into her home studio to feel the benefits of Pilates in your own body and beyond the mat.

Home Body Pilates is a bright, welcoming space for you to explore movement. Here you'll be surrounded by light and plants as you take an hour for yourself. Please note this is a pet-friendly (though they won't be in attendance), smoke-free home.

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